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You already wrote the story,
now make the book.

We eliminate the countless hours it would take to archive all of your mission emails manually!

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How it Works

Preserve your mission memories for generations to come.

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Uploading Emails

Import Mission Emails

Your MyLDSMail or Gmail username & password is all that you need to upload your sent emails & photos for FREE.

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Editing Emails

Edit Your Content

Easily edit, delete, or add to your mission emails and photos, all from your Preserve a Mission account.

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Designing Book

Design Your Book

Customize your book to be as unique as your mission with our large selection of cover material, embossing, and other quality options.

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What is my book going to cost?

We like to keep things simple. Each hardbound book with brilliant color images and print starts at a flat fee.
Here’s an example of how a typical book pricing works:

Base Price: $99.00
Number of pages: 350
Number of images: 250
Additional Image charge: $17.50
Foil Imprinting (optional): $8 per line
Total Book Cost: $124.50

*Additional charges apply to books with a total image count exceeding 75 (each additional image is a meager 10 cents). For books exceeding 350 pages, we recommend binding your mission messages in two volumes.

Have any questions?

Many questions we receive are added to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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