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What is my book going to cost?

We like to keep things simple. Each hardbound book with brilliant color images and print starts at a flat fee.
Here’s an example of how a typical book pricing works:

Base Price: $99.00
Number of pages: 350
Number of images: 250
Additional Image charge: $17.50
Foil Imprinting (optional): $8 per line
Total Book Cost: $124.50

Enjoy these benefits

We ensure your self-guided process is completely secure. We hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure your emails are stored securely. Our customer service team is dedicated to making sure your book is heirloom quality. We’re here to make your experience exceptional.

Design Your Book
Design Your Book
Editing Capabilities
Editing Capabilities
System Security
System Security
Customer Service
Customer Service
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Many questions we receive are added to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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