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Edit Your Content

Easily edit, delete, or add to your mission emails and photos, all from your Preserve a Mission account.

Review Your Emails

Works much like a regular email box, but you can: Edit, Delete, or Add to any of your emails & photos.

This is probably the most important part of the whole process. You’ll need to review your emails to make sure they’re all formatted correctly with information you want printed in your book. No one else will be reviewing your emails for accuracy, so make sure you have everything just right!

Import Mission Emails
Edit Mission Emails

Check Your Content

Make your perfect mission book with our easy to use editing window!

  • Click Edit
  • Make Changes
  • Add or Remove Attachments
  • Click Save

You’ll need to review each email with a fine toothed comb so there aren’t any errors once the book is printed!

Final Steps

Include all of your mission details such as where you served, your areas, companions, and contact information of important people. This information will be used to create a unique cover page for your book to use as an overview of your entire mission.

Order a Mission Book
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